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You have Options for In-Home Care when Leaving the Hospital

It’s a scary moment for the whole family when a loved one unexpectedly ends up in the hospital. While your primary concern should always be ensuring that your loved one is being well cared for and is on the road to recovery, you may also be wondering in the back of your mind “what happens next?”. Depending on your loved one’s ailment you may be recommended to receive in-home care after they are discharged. Often times the hospital will recommend an agency for you or your loved one to contact but did you know that you have a choice?

Hospitals and rehab facilities have a network of agencies that they have built professional relationships with and will often recommend them first when a patient is discharged. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the agency they recommend will be right for you and your loved ones. Here are a few things to consider when hiring an in-home staffing agency:

Helping out elderly patient

Access to RN- A good in-home care agency will provide you with access to a registered nurse whenever it is needed. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) may be available to do routine check-ins and assist with household chores but you or your loved one should be able to access a nurse to assess your loved one’s progress, adjust medication as needed, speak to the doctor, or provide medical treatment in the event of an emergency. They should also be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some in-home care agencies may also provide access to other medical professionals such as pharmacists who will assess your loved one’s medication regimen.


Incorporates the Family- One of the most important parts of the healing process is support and a good in-home care agency will know this. Family and close friends are among a patient’s greatest support systems and your home care agency should work hand in hand with them to be sure that your loved one is being cared for at all times. If your insurance or diagnosis does not warrant a caregiver to come into the home every day a family member or close friend may be required to administer care or assist in rehabilitation practices on off days.


Agency and Staff Licensed by the State- It may seem like common sense but you want to be completely sure that your in-home care agency is licensed to meet or exceed state minimum requirements. This means that the agency is operating within the rules and regulations that your state requires.


Accepts Insurance- With the plethora of different insurance options available finding the right agency that also accepts your loved one’s insurance can be the most overwhelming aspect of your search. A good agency will discuss which home care options your insurance will cover and may even help you navigate other insurance benefits as well.


At PRN Home Healthcare, we understand that finding the right care for your loved one can be difficult and overwhelming. Our caring staff is here to guide through the process from insurance to caregiver pairing. Click here to schedule your no obligation in-home care consultation.