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So You Want to be a CNA

5 Reasons to be a Part of this Fast Growing Healthcare Role

Do you have a knack for caring for others? Have you ever considered going to nursing school but aren’t sure you can fully commit to the workload? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might have what it takes to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). CNAs are in high demand in today’s healthcare world because they help balance the workload of nurses and can be employed in hospitals, nursing homes, or with in-home care agencies.  Are you interested? Here are 5 reasons why you should be a CNA:


No College Degree Required: Unlike nursing, a college degree is not required to become a CNA. You will, however, need to pass a Certified Nursing Assistant course and certification exam. Most CNA programs take about 4-12 weeks and can be taken at a local community college or technical school. Since the program is much shorter than a 4 year nursing degree program, tuition is also a fraction of the cost so you can begin working with little or no student loan debt.


Care Directly for the Patient: CNAs work directly alongside nurses to deliver patient care and often take on the bulk of the work including dressing, bathing, and checking vitals. But the job is so much more than that. As a CNA, you have the opportunity to connect with each patient that you come in contact with, hold their hands, and learn their story. You have the opportunity every day to help someone feel special.


Be in Demand: According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNA job growth is expected to grow approximately 17% through 2024 which greatly exceeds the average rate of job growth of 7%. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on high patient satisfaction surveys to receive maximum repayment from insurance companies meaning that the hands-on work of a CNA is more important than ever.


Choose Where and When You Work: Just because you decide to become a CNA doesn’t mean that you’re stuck only working in a hospital. CNAs are utilized in dozens of healthcare settings from doctors offices, to in-home care, to nursing facilities, and more! Best of all, many workplaces offer flexible scheduling. Want to earn extra money for the holidays? Consider taking a temporary position with a staffing agency. Need to stay home with the kids during the day? Many facilities offer night and weekend shifts. As a CNA you really can do it all!


Get a Headstart on Nursing School: The nursing field is competitive, so much so that it’s a challenge to get into some nursing programs. CNAs who go on to nursing school have a leg up because most programs look favorably on candidates who already have the clinical experience. Not to mention the connections that you build while working in a healthcare setting can come back to help you when the time comes to apply for your first nursing job.


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