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Senior-Friendly Activities to Do This Spring

The beauty of spring has finally shown itself in Chester County and if you’re anything like us you’re really looking forward to spending some time outdoors enjoying the warm breeze, the sunshine, and blooming flowers. Your elderly loved ones are probably feeling the same urge but that may come with the challenge of finding an activity that is accessible to someone with limited mobility, memory impairment, or other limitations. Fortunately, Chester County has many different activities available that are accessible to anyone! Here are five fun, senior-friendly activities to do with your loved one this spring:


Go on a Nature Walk: As author, Katrina Mayer, once said, “Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time” and neither is time spent with a loved one. A nature walk could mean anything from a hike in the woods, a walk around the neighborhood, or a stroll along a garden path. The time spent together will give you and your loved one time to catch up and you’ll both feel refreshed from the sunshine on your skin. For a list of senior-friendly walking trails click here.


Attend a Farmer’s Market: Farmer’s markets are an excellent chance for you and your elderly loved one to get outdoors in an accessible way as farmer’s markets are typically set up in a parking lot, community park, or field. Consider attending the market to pick out fruits and veggies for a meal and then cooking it together! Don’t forget to grab a sweet treat from one of the local artisans to enjoy for dessert!


Dine Al Fresco: Whether you choose to pack a picnic lunch in the park or just sit outside as you dine at your favorite restaurant, eating in the fresh spring air is good for the soul. Enjoy a fun afternoon with your favorite senior enjoying each other’s company over a great meal. It will mean so much to them and the time spent together is invaluable.


Plant a Garden: Gardens come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of maintenance making them completely customizable to your loved one’s abilities. Choose a windowsill herb garden or small deck planter with hearty flowers for someone who may be unable to care for them regularly or a larger vegetable garden to keep your loved one active and engaged on days where they may be alone all day.


Bring Nature Indoors: If your loved one is unable to experience the outdoors due to limited mobility bring it inside to them. A vase of fresh flowers is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up their home and brighten their day. Studies have shown that flowers and herbs can help improve a person’s mood or even memory! You could also consider placing a bird feeder outside their window to attract birds to watch and fill their home with their happy songs!


The spring season is perfect for spending extra time outdoors with your elderly loved ones and there are many different activities available for anyone young or old! The time you spend with your loved one is not only invaluable to you but it also enriches their lives as well. If time, distance or other limitations keep you from spending the quality time your loved one deserves, the kind and caring companions at PRN are always available to fill the void and take amazing care of your loved one.  Click here to schedule your no obligation in-home consultation with our staff RN.