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4 Reasons to Hire a Nurse Lead In-Home Care Agency

When it comes to the care of your loved ones we know that you would stop at nothing to ensure that they have the very best care. But while you may not realize it, not all in-home care agencies are not created equal. Most in-home care agencies take the time to match your loved one with one of their Certified Nursing Assistants who comes in, does a quick physical assessment, and maybe helps with some chores around the house while providing companionship. In theory, there is nothing wrong with this since they fulfill their job responsibilities and your loved one receives adequate care. However, it may sometimes feel like there is a great divide between the doctor and your loved one. √ā¬†Fortunately, when your in-home care agency is lead by a registered nurse the communications gap can easily be bridged. Here are 4 reasons to hire a nurse led in-home care staffing agency:

Home health care worker and an elderly couple

Immediate Assessment when Ill- Sometimes an illness, especially in someone who’s health is already compromised, can set in quickly. While in the care of a nurse, your loved one’s situation can be more quickly assessed. The nurse can even speak directly to the doctor to order new medication or adjust an existing dose allowing you and your loved one to possibly skip the stress of a doctor’s appointment or hospital visit.


Ability to Administer Care beyond the Level of a CNA: While CNAs are able to assess their patient’s vitals, only nurses have the knowledge and experience to fully assess a patient’s condition, adjust medication as necessary, or even medically intervene if their health begins to rapidly decline.


Medication Management: Medication can quickly become one of the most confusing aspects of caring for a loved one. In the care of a registered nurse, they are able to review your loved one’s medications, fill their pill boxes, and even speak directly with the doctor and arrange for new prescriptions to be written. At PRN Home Healthcare, we take this a step further and employ a staff pharmacist to also review and adjust your loved one’s medication when necessary.


Ability to Communicate Directly with the Doctor: Nurses also have the unique ability to communicate directly with your loved one’s doctor. This can prevent communication breakdowns that often occur when other parties (especially those without a medical degree) become involved in the chain of communication. A nurse has the training and knowledge to assess a patient and the experience to pick up on any small changes in their condition that another caregiver may miss. Having this acute eye, as well as ability to communicate directly with the doctor, can mean a quicker recovery or even immediate life-saving intervention in the event of an emergency.
While all in-home care staffing agencies value and care for your loved one, trusting their care to a registered nurse can mean all the difference in assuring their care is completely and fully managed. Since 1999, PRN Home Healthcare has been run by registered nurse Paul McAllister who has always been committed to providing only the best care for his patients. To learn more about the RN difference click here to schedule your no obligation consultation.

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